Thursday, January 21, 2010

this is my first in a line of weekly themed drawings for illustration friday this weeks theme was wilderness. and if wilderness isn't metal i do not know what is

check out the site for yourself


  1. Of course! Nice work figuring out how to skew the topic to the kind of image you wanted to do, Colton. I like the quality of the finished piece very much... I LOVE that you chose a limited colour palette! Very effective.

    * Consider going back in a creating a variation where you introduce -subtly - red, as a complimentary colour palette. Could create some very interesting depth to this piece. Try it as an experiment and if you're happy with the results, add it to this post.

  2. why did you draw yourself almost naked in space? because its awesome thats why!

  3. Gwar came from space...and they're metal...and wild? Yeah?